Material Sales

Cable Ladders
Cable Line Trunking
100 X 50MM Welded Wire Mesh Cable Tray
Medium Duty Cable Tray 100 X 50MM
Cantilever Arms
Power Skirting Carrier Coupler
Compact Mini Trunking PVC
Compression Gland
3 Compartment Power Skirting Curved Cover
3 Compartment Power Skirting Endcap Assembly
Extension Carrier
Galvanized Ladder Cable Tray
Heavy Duty Cable Tray
Inter Elbow for 3 Compartment Power Skirting
Power Skirting Joint Cover
Light Duty Cable Tray
3 Compartment Power Skirting Main Carrier
Main Trunking Assembly White
Unistruts P1000 P1001 P3300
P9000 Duct With Cover
P900 Ducting End Caps
P9000 Splices
Pipe and Cable Clamps
2 Compartment Power Skirting
3 Compartment Power Skirting Straight Cover
Typical Cable Application
Venus Trunking and Ducting
Welded Wire Mesh Cable Tray
Wrap Strap
Outlet and Covers
PVC Adaptable Box
PVC Angle Box
PVC Circular Lid
Conduit Clip
PVC Expansion Coupler
Coupler Nuts
Flat Washers
M6 Gutter Bolts and Nuts
Spring Nuts
Spring Washers
Threaded Rods
10A 1G Metal Clad Switch
10A 1G Switch Master Seal
10A-2G Metal Clad Switch
10A 2G Switch Master Seal
13A DP Non standard Switched Socket Outlet (Double & Single)
13A Socket Outlets
13A 1G Switched Socket Outlet Metal Clad
13A 2G Switched Socket Outlet Metal Clad
13A Switched Socket Outlets
13A Switched Socket Outlet
20A DP Switches
32mm Moulded Box
Blank Plate
Blank Plate Metalclad Plus
Blank Plates
Connection Unit Switched
Connection Unit Unswitched
Cooker Connection Unit
45A Cooker Control
10A 1G Metal clad Switch
DP Switch
DP Switch With Neon
Euro Data Front Plates
Data plate for Data Connection (1Module & 2Module)
Grid Plus Front Plate
MK Modular Datacom Module
BT Secondary Module
RCD Protected Switched Socket Outlet 13A 1G Master Seal
RCD Protected Switched Socket Outlet 13A 2G Master Seal
Non Standard Safety Plug
Non Standard Safety Plug